Top 10 Tips for your first Tattoo

I have listed the top 10 tips and everything you need to know before getting your first tattoo.

tips first tattoo
  1. Research Styles
    A good way to start your tattooing journey is learning about different styles. There are a ton of different styles and you will want to find an artist who is skilled in the one you are looking for.

    Popular styles include: American traditional, Traditional Japanese, Realism, Illustrative, Minimalism, Sketch Style and many more.

    But don’t worry, you don’t need to be proficient with all the lingo, another good way is to go through instagram and check out the work of local and international artists and see what catches your eye. Save the images you like the most and show them to your artist during the consultation.

  2. Find the Right Artist
    Once you have an idea what style you like, go and find the right artist. This is in my opinion the most important step. Don’t just go to any shop and let permanent ink be done by anyone. Research the artist, make sure you like the work and most importantly, make sure you and the artist are getting along well. The relationship between artist and customer is very important and the artist should make you feel like you are in good hands.

  3. Research Design Ideas
    It is always good to have a rough design idea. Think about what you want to express with your new tattoo. Do you want to have something bold, scary and dark, or are you thinking about something light and friendly and pretty? Do you want animals, flowers, abstract, portrait or something very specific? Did you have a dream that you wanted to turn into a tattoo? What are your motivations, do you want something meaningful or simply something pretty to decorate your body. Everything is valid.

    Most good artists will prefer that you come with an idea to them, that they can then turn into a unique design in their own style just for you.

  4. Research the Shop
    Please research the shop, either on the internet or go directly to visit. Read the online reviews and see what other people thought and how they felt during their visit.

  5. Consultation
    Once you have decided on the artist, see which way they are preferred to be contacted. Most artist offer free consultation. This will give you a chance to meet your artist and also check the shop and the environment. Do you feel comfortable? Is the artist able to answer your questions? Do you trust them? Does the shop look clean?

    In the consultation you will also discuss the design, placement, price estimate and anything else you might have questions about. From here on you can book an appointment, sleep on it or go and check a few more artists out.

  6. Questions
    Don’t be afraid to ask questions, a good tattoo artist will be able to answer every single one and take the time to ensure you are comfortable before they start the process with you. If they don’t answer to your satisfaction or you are just not connecting, or they seem shady, leave.

  7. Finalising your design and placement
    Different artist have different ways of working, they should explain their individual process during the consultation. However usually your tattoo artist will work on your design and send it to you a few days before for review and any changes you might want to make to it or comments you have. At this point you will already have discussed placement and have a fair idea where the tattoo on your body will be and the approximate size.

    The final size and placement of the tattoo will be decided on the day of your appointment. Your artist will print a couple of sizes and discuss with you which placement is suitable and what to consider for different areas of the body. Remember, everything can be changed until the artist put the needle into your skin, so don’t hesitate to discuss different options with your artist.

  8. Sitting for the Tattoo
    After deciding size and placement the artist will place the stencil of your design and start setting up the tattoo station. They will likely tell you where to sit or lie and explain the position you will be in during the tattoo. Make yourself comfortable.

    Once they start tattooing, try to sit as still as possible. Different places on the body are differently painful, however the first few minutes will likely be the most intense until your body releases adrenaline and you get used to the pain.

    If you need a break or a stretch just let your artist know. Once settled in you can gauge if your artist is a chatty one or prefers to be still and concentrate on their work. It’s usually fine to watch a movie or listen to music with earphones.

  9. Aftercare
    Once the artist has done their job, its your turn! Tattoo Aftercare is incredibly important. Your tattoo artist should give you detailed instructions of the dos and dont’s for the weeks after your fresh tattoo.

    If you have any questions during the healing process don’t hesitate to contact your artist. They will be able to tell you what to do or explain what is happening.

  10. Enjoy!
    And the most important one, enjoy the process! Getting a tattoo is such an exciting process and should be joyful throughout the whole experience and a good tale to tell for years to come.

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