An Artist at Work

Booking And Creative Process

A view into my workflow.

1. Consult

I love to tell stories with my tattoos. I work best if you come to me with an idea, concept or simply images that you like or inspire you.

Let's chat over coffee at my studio or online. During the consultation, we will explore the style and direction of the design; the sizing; the potential placement; and price. We can discuss any questions or ideas you may have.

2. Design

I take a deposit before I start any kind of design process.

Please also note that depending on my waiting list, I might not immediately start on your design. I will, however, always let you know when you can expect the first draft.

3. Feedback

I love to get your input during the design process, so usually I set up a rough idea (sketches, placement etc.) and show them to you.

After your feedback, I adjust accordingly and continue with the design, adding details, shading etc.