Tattoo Aftercare

Immediate and long-term Aftercare is one of the most important parts of your tattoo journey. A good aftercare greatly influences the look of your tattoo over the years. It is always apparent when a tattoo has not been looked after in the healing process.

Looking fater tattoos

I will give you all the aftercare instructions at the end of your tattooing session, but this will aid as a guide you can refer to throughout the healing process.

  1. I will put either cling film or a second skin film onto your skin after the tattooing session. Which one depends on the area, size and practicability. The wrap should stay on for at least 2 hours and a maximum of 24 hours. Some people like the wrapping, whereas others feel uncomfortable with it, so the decision on when to take it off is up to you. But usually it’s either in the evening before bed or the morning after.

  2. Please take the dressing of inside the shower. The second skin film can be a bit hard to get off, please just let warm water run inside the film and peel it off slowly. Please NEVER put another dressing onto your tattoo again.

  3. After that you need to wash off all excess wound fluids and ink, so make sure you wash the tattoo with warm water and CLEAN hands. You can use a fragrant free and anti-bacterial soap if you have, otherwise please just use warm water.

  4. After cleaning the tattoo, dry it with a clean kitchen towel. Please avoid using a towel as we are trying to keep the tattoo as clean as possible. Please only dab the tattoo try, do never rub it.

  5. Once it has dried completely, please apply a THIN layer of the papaw cream that I gave you after your appointment.

  6. You have to clean the tattoo, as above, for 7-14 days in the morning and evening to ensure a smooth healing process.

  7. After 3-5 days your tattoo will dry out and start peeling. This happens because the old damaged skin comes off as the new healed skin develops below. Please do not scratch or remove the skin with your fingers. My best advise is to leave the tattoo and peeling well alone until everything has come off by itself. Once the peeling has finished you can start being less careful, as now the wound is fully closed and the ink safely deposited inside your skin.

NO swimming, NO soaking in water, NO working out, basically do not get your tattoo wet for too long until the peeling has finished - the tattoo needs to stay as dry and clean as possible to ensure good healing.

A few more notes

  • Only touch your fresh tattoo with clean hands.
  • Never put cling film back unto your fresh tattoo.
  • After the first night you might find excess ink or wound fluids left in your sheets, don’t worry, the ink does not come out of your skin, this is normal. Please just wash your sheets.
  • Do not go exercising until the peeling has finished - sweat is dirty and wet - both things we try to avoid during the healing of the tattoo.
  • Try and avoid sun, as the UV light will destroy ink pigments.