Top Flower Tattoo Designs and their meanings

Flower tattoo designs are one of the most popular choices for men and women looking to get something meaningful and timeless.

Each Flower has its own symbolism and I will be looking into a few of them in this article. Whether expressing yourself, commemorating a memory or paying tribute to a loved person, a flower tattoo can say more than words. In my opinion, floral tattoos are one of the most timeless, positive and beautiful designs to choose from and I always enjoy designing and tattooing them immensely.

It is of course not just about the flower itself, but also about the style you would like to have it tattooed in!

  1. Lotus Flower Tattoo

The Lotus flower is recognised as a very meaningful and spiritual flower. It is considered on of the most sacred plants in the world and holds great symbolic weight, especially in buddhism and other eastern cultures.

The lotus flower has a unique life cycle, as the flower submerges every night into river water and re-blooms the next morning, beautiful and clean. Therefore this process symbolises rebirth and spiritual enlightenment, purity, regeneration and rebirth.

It often is combined with other symbols of meaning. In the case of this tattoo, the symbol for OM, which signifies the essence of reality, which is consciousness. One can see how these two go well together to create a meaningful tattoo for the owner.

Lotus Flower Tattoo
  1. Peony Flower Tattoo

Peonies are a perfect candidate for someone looking for a beautiful and romantic floral tattoo. The ruffled petals and delicate pink hues are alluring and make for great designs. The blossoms can continue to flower for decades and are therefore thought to represent a long life. They are also associated with royalty, honour and wealth.

In this example the placement of the tattoo on the ribs, the peony is the centrepiece with surrounding blossoms. It is a great example for a decorative, elegant and beautiful tattoo design.

Peony Flower Tattoo
  1. Rose Tattoo

The Rose, one of the most consistently popular and beautiful flower tattoo designs. A rose tattoo has been popular throughout the ages and is still a symbol for passion, love won and lost. It is also a symbol for beauty and balance.

Because roses come in so many colours, each hue has a meaning. Red bold roses indicate passionate romantic love. Soft pink are more associated gratitude and joy and yellow often stands for friendship and happiness. Black roses can indicate a loss of love. However, whatever colour or no colour you choose for your rose tattoo design, it will be a instantly recognisable tattoo which can carry deep personal meaning.

Rose Tattoo
  1. Iris Flower Tattoo

People looking to get unique flower tattoo design can consider the Iris. The flower is rich in colour and its unique shape is associated with royalty, wisdom and courage.

Iris flower meanings include nobility, chivalry, wisdom, messages, faith, and purity. With nearly 300 species that come in a variety of colours, the iris has inspired storytellers and artists for centuries.

Iris Flower Tattoo
  1. Cherry Blossom Tattoo

The cherry blossom is probably the most well known Japanese flower. It is also known under the name sakura and represents transience and beauty in life. It is often used as a design element to surround and support the centrepiece. However it can also stand on its own as a branch for example.

Cherry Blossom Tattoo
  1. Skull and Flower Tattoo

The combination of Skull and Flower has forever been popular due to its striking contrast, whereas the skull is a symbol of the end and flowers are the symbol for life and a new start.

The design can be a reminder of the transient nature of life and the importance of appreciating beauty daily.

Skull and Flower Tattoo

There are, of course, hundreds more possibilities for flower tattoo designs, so if you have anything in mind, please don’t hesitate to contact me through WhatsApp or other means.

And if you are looking for more inspiration you can check out my flash tattoos where I have quite a few different flower designs available for you to choose from.