Dali Flowers - "Behind the Tattoo" Series Part 1

This series will concentrate on the “Behind the Tattoo” stories that I have done here in Georgetown, Penang. They will give you a view into the design creation and tattooing process. I decided to start with a really fun and colourful one.

This customer came to me with the unusual wish to get a Dali’s drawing as a tattoo.

Dali was a Spanish surrealist artist, his most popular painting being “The Persistence of Memory”. However he also did a series of great drawings and watercolour paintings of flowers usually surrounded by other elements and beings. The customer wanted one of the drawings that depicted two flowers with egg petals and some crazy stuff swirling around. I loved that she gave me the freedom to just translate the original drawing into my own style.

After some discussions we decided to do the tattoo over the side of her upper leg, she already had quite a collection of smaller tattoos, so this would be the biggest one for her yet. This size and the colour elements would take two consecutive days to complete.

I am super happy with how the tattoo turned out and also more importantly how it healed on the customer. If you have any crazy ideas, please let me know. I am always happy to explore new things!