Hand & Neck Tattoos

Why I rarely accepts tattoos on hands(below the wrist) and neck.

I have people coming into the shop wanting their first tattoos to be placed on their hands (below the wrist) or neck tattoos. With Social media and tattoos becoming more mainstream, more and more of my customers want highly visible tattoos without having experience of what life is with tattoos and/or the consequences that come with it.

Hand Tattoo

The other day I had a customer ask me: but what if I insist I want this tattoo. These kind of question put me in a corner where I want people to understand that I feel a very strong responsibility to giving my customers a good tattooing experience but more so, a tattoo that they will be happy with for the rest of their lives.

I know the moral scrutiny that goes hand in hand with highly visible tattoos, it still decrease chances of successful employment in many industries. You will be open to judgement, questions and ridicule.

Hands and Necks cannot be covered up, they will ALWAYS be visible and therefore should be very thought through.

So, no. You cannot insist to have a tattoo from me, if I don’t agree on it morally. I am always very happy to discuss this, but at the end of the day, the decision is on me. The same applies to tattoos I deem morally not acceptable, like tattoos that promote racism, pornography etc.

Hand Tattoo

So, what to do? Come over and discuss your idea and placement with me. Usually, we can find an alternative placement and talk through all the options available. But if you’re absolutely determined to get this tattoo, you will be able to find an artist somewhere who is willing to do it. Just ask yourself, if an artist is so willing to take your money and not care about the consequences for you, what kind of quality of work are you going to get?

Do you have any more questions or comments? Contact me on WhatsApp or other means and let’s talk!