Tattoo Design vs Actual Tattoo

Will the tattoo look exactly like the design you sent me?

I do get the question sometimes, and the answer to that is of course… no.. not completely.. let me explain :)

Tattoo comparison with design
  1. Different Medium

I am doing all my sketches digital on my iPad pro using the apple pencil within the App Procreate. I am tattooing (mostly) with my tattoo machine “Bishop Wand “Packer”” using needles on skin.

What I am saying is, I am using two completely different mediums (iPad and skin). That is the same as expecting a pencil drawing and painting with acrylics to look the same. It is simple not possible.

Tattoo comparison with design
  1. Bodies are not flat

The other thing to consider, on my iPad, i am drawing on a flat surface. In comparison, the human body is round and has angles, different shapes etc. Therefore the tattoo will always have a different look/ distortion than the flat image.

Tattoo comparison with design
  1. Detailing

Last but not least, the level of detail I can create on a digital drawing is different to what can be done on skin. On my iPad i can keep on zooming in and adding details, on skin that is unfortunately not possible :D

Tattoo comparison with design

But of course, I am trying to come as close as I can and thought I just share a few comparison images, so you can see the drawing vs the tattoo. This will hopefully give you an idea on what to expect in regards to my design work as well as the finished tattoo product.

Please let me know if you have any other questions, through WhatsApp or other means.