Scar Cover Up with Beautiful Cat and Owner Portrait - "Behind the Tattoo" Series Part 2

This series will concentrate on the “Behind the Tattoo” stories that I have done here in Georgetown, Penang. They will give you a view into the design creation and tattooing process. For this post I will talk about a portrait of cat and owner surrounded by some flowers. The challenge for this design was to cover a scar on the customers foot.

Generally most scars can be covered, it is always more of a challenge when they are raised as in this case. The Scar was on the top her foot and from a design point of view, we decided to take the attention away from the scar. The customer is a big cat lover and after looking through some of her photos we decided to proceed with a photo that is very dear to my customers heart and just displays so lovingly the relationship between cat and human.

I kept the tattoo design pretty simple, focusing on the portrait and framing it with a few sakura flowers. The scar is covered by the flowers which follow the shape of her leg and foot.

On the day of the tattooing we printed out the design, decided on the size and got to tattooing straight away. This tattoo took four hours in total and the customer and I are super stoked about the outcome!